How to Brew Coffee for Someone You Love

Photography By Megan Martin | February 13, 2017
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Birch Coffee Co-Owners Paul Schlader (left) and Jeremy Lyman. Photo courtesy of Birch Coffee

Editor's Note: When we heard Birch Coffee co-owner Paul Schlader makes his wife coffee almost every morning, we decided to ask him for a guide for cupping the perfect cuppa' coffee for someone you love. "I enjoy preparing her coffee as she does the lions share of the cooking," he told Edible Queens. "It's one of the most enjoyable parts of my morning ritual." Cue hearts melting like sugar in espresso. 

Brewing Instructions for French Press

The grind size of your coffee will greatly impact how you brew. When brewing something quickly, you'll need a smaller grind size for a pourover–about the size of table salt. For a French press, grind the beans similar to the consistency of coarse sea salt. Chemex should use a grind size that is right in the middle. Find more brewing tips here for your device here.

1. Prep

Ask your Valentine what their favorite coffee region is. If they say East African coffees, you're going to need to make them a Fresh press. If it's a Central or South American country, prepare their coffee in a Chemex or a pour over. Birch Coffee in LIC will handle the roasting. 

2. Boil

Water temperature is one of the most critical elements in preparing the right cup of coffee. Whether you're making a pour over, Chemex or French press, you'll need your water to have a brewing temperature of 201 degrees Fahrenheit (94 degrees Celsius). This will allow for a proper extraction of the coffee oils and won’t leave your coffee tasting overly bitter (a common occurrence when you're using a temperature that is too cool).

3. Add

Make sure your equipment is clean, then add four tablespoons of ground coffee to the carafe while the water is coming to a boil. Turn on your favorite Valentine’s Day tunes while you wait.

4. Pour

Pour 16 ounces (two cups) of almost boiling water into the French press. When Paul isn’t making his wife’s coffee at home, he likes to pour her a cold brew from one of their growlers. We hear she takes it neat. 

5. Stir

Stir grinds and push plunger to the top of the water. Think about the dessert you can make your Valentine tonight. Paul has a sweet tooth that doesn't seem to discriminate. 

6. Steep

Let steep 5 minutes. Call someone you love while you wait. Your grandma told us to write that.

7. Press

Slowly depress plunger then take a cue from Paul and add a personal note or a handwritten card.

8. Enjoy

In the same way any act of loving kindness does, brewing a cup of coffee shows you care for someone so much you'll take your time to create something special for them, says Paul. If there is enough for a second cup, pour immediately so grinds don’t keep brewing. 

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Paul Schlader | @pschlader

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